Lighthouse Life Sciences is the leader in improving cleaning and disinfecting processes for greater efficiency, a safer vivarium and laboratory environment, and improved research outcomes.

We are dedicated to improving the reliability of your biomedical research, increasing the welfare of your laboratory animals, and protecting the health of your researchers and lab technicians.

The safety and well-being of laboratory animals and laboratory technicians is jeopardized by the presence of unwanted pathogens that can lead to infection. We strive to eliminate and remove the pathogens that cause disease and outbreak. We accomplish this through our platform of best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies and processes.

Our team is comprised of individuals who either have extensive experience in the operation and challenges within biomedical research facilities or have a strong background in infection prevention and cleaning of high-risk facilities. The combination of talents on our team allows us to cross-pollinate in-depth knowledge from both the biomedical research industry and the broader cleaning and disinfecting industry.

We consider ourselves to be experts in the science of cleaning and disinfecting. Through Lighthouse Life Sciences and our affiliated companies, we conduct extensive primary research into both cleaning and disinfecting challenges and emerging technologies. We additionally review and catalog all cleaning and disinfecting-relevant research. Finally, we have active dialog with other experts in the cleaning & disinfecting industry.

We offer our clients a specialized assessment of their facility’s cleaning and disinfecting protocols and we provide recommendations for process improvement. Our team of specialists then conducts a thorough implementation of the agreed upon protocol changes and provides extensive training for your facility’s staff.

Our mission is to improve your cleaning and disinfecting process, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the spread of pathogens and outbreak risk.

Contact Information:
Don Raleigh
21370 Heywood Ave
Lakeville, Minnesota 55044
(315) 415-9663