From Personal Protection to Seamless Hygienic Interior Finishes –
providing an “Envelope of Safety” for your Biomedical/Research or Healthcare Facility.

For almost 40 years, LSP has provided exceptional services and high-quality supplies tailored to the needs of the Research and Pharma market, which is now expanding to include the needs for infection control in Healthcare. Our sustainable interior finish systems and protection products have proven to meet the rigorous protocols for infection control and laboratory certification. We offer custom designed PPE and safety items to protect personnel, as well as laboratory supplies used for day-to-day functions.

Finished Goods Division
The Finished Goods Division provides a wide variety of PPE for personnel working in laboratories, research facilities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical research and production. We specialize in high containment BSL-3 and infection control areas. In addition to PPE we also provide a variety of surgical supplies and specialty products.

Science and Technology Division
The Science and Technology Division provides construction services and products for laboratories and vivarium facilities constructing the internal environmental envelopes for basic research as well as BSL-4, pharmaceutical production and infection control environments. The envelope consists of walls, floors, ceilings, doors and wall and door protection.

Healthcare Division
The Healthcare Division provides the latest technology for the containment envelope used in patient care of infectious disease control. As with the Science and Technology Division, we create the protective envelope surrounding the patient and patient support portions of the facility including walls, ceilings, floors, doors and wall and door protection.

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