Lab Products, Inc. has worked for many years to develop and refine our animal care products and earn its reputation as a leader in the animal caging industry.  Lab Products, Inc. presently serves approximately 3,000 active customers with a broad line of laboratory animal care equipment that includes the Hydropac watering system.  Many of our products have established new standards in the animal care industry.  We believe our products, service and involvement with our customers is second to none.

Lab Products, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is the sales and marketing division of the Bio Medic Corporation.  The Bio Medic Corporation is comprised of Lab Products, Inc.’s sister companies, Maryland Plastics, Inc. dedicated to the molding of plastic caging and other materials (we are the ONLY manufacturer in our industry that does our own molding), Harford Systems, Inc. dedicated to the fabrication of stainless steel animal caging equipment including ventilated racks, multi-specie caging, environmental equipment and custom fabrication, Bio Medic Data Systems, Inc., dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic identification technology for animals and Hydropac – an alternative watering system for rodents that can also be used as an emergency watering backup system.  The Bio Medic Corporation qualifies under law as a small business and has over 200 dedicated employees with administrative, manufacturing and product development facilities exceeding 500,000 gross square feet.Lab Products, Inc. personnel perform all sales, marketing and service functions. As a result, Lab Products does not retain or use any outside contractors or agents to procure any contracts or purchase orders.

Contact Information:
742 Sussex Ave.
Seaford, DE 19973
P: (800) 526 0469 / (302) 628 4300
Fax: (302) 628 4309