LAMA’s mission is to enhance the quality of management and care of laboratory animals throughout the world and advance the laboratory animal management profession through education, knowledge exchange and professional development. This year we want YOU to be a part of developing our leaders and future leaders within the industry

Options for Presenting

Topic submissions should be designed specifically for one of the following formats: special topic seminar (20-30 minutes), or 30 min-1 hour breakout session/round table discussions as a topic facilitator.

Abstract submissions should consist of published or unpublished presentations, or new solutions for facility management, on aspects of laboratory animal husbandry management. The platform special topic presentations are typically 20-30 minutes in length and are grouped together by general category.

Whether we are able to attend in person or if we must proceed virtually, LAMA and ATA are gearing up for a fantastic program for 2024 and want you to be part of it! We are currently soliciting presentations on the following topics:

Conflict Management
Fundamentals of Good Leadership
Coaching and Team building
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Career Development
Managing Diversity
Managing different Generations
Root cause analysis – learn from mistakes
Scheduling of Staff
Safety Management
Customer Service
Training – husbandry staff and research staff
Social Media
Work life Balance
Change Management
Employee Engagement
SOP’s – writing, upkeep and training
Managing Up
Human Resources issues (i.e. Hiring, Firing, Interviewing)
Conflict Resolution
Public outreach
Stress Management

Deadline for abstract submissions is

Sunday, January 15, 2024

Abstract and topic submission for this year’s annual meeting will be handled through the Program Committee. To contact the Program Committee, email:

If you choose to submit a topic, please note that you must include the title, brief description, and names and contact information for any suggested panelists, speakers, or leader. Once the submission undergoes review and acceptance, any substitution or addition of speakers must be approved by the Program Committee.

If you choose to submit an abstract, please follow the guidelines below and provide complete information. This will greatly assist the Program Committee in their review process and enable the correct assignment of your abstract to the appropriate program session.

Power Point Submittal

Once your presentation has been accepted you will be sent an invite to our Dropbox to upload your power point presentation for review. Please submit in Power point or PDF format only. Presentations will be preloaded in order of program agenda.

Travel Costs

LAMA or ATA are unable to provide travel costs or waive registration for program speakers and facilitators. You must be registered for the event to present.


Any questions concerning the meeting or submitting a presentation, please contact:
Amy Laufenberg – LAMA Program Co-Chair – (608) 490-3481
John Malpass – LAMA Program Co-Chair –
Christine Siebert – Executive Director –  (630) 299-9121