Nominated by LAMA peers award honorees represent outstanding service in Laboratory Management

The Charles River Medallion

2019 Charles River Medallion Award Recipient – Micaela Ricca

The Charles River Medallion, is given in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of laboratory animal management by an administrator/manager who is a current member of the International Laboratory Animal Management Association (LAMA) and is currently engaged in Laboratory Animal Management.

U. Kristina Stephens Award

2013-14 U. Kristina Stephens Award Recipient – Leah Curtin

The U. Kristina Stephens Award is given for outstanding and exceptional service to the Laboratory Animal Management Association (LAMA).

Special Service Awards

Special Service Award Recipients

LAMA has always prided itself on recognizing members who contribute to the success of the Association. Normally given at the discretion of the current president Special Service awards are presented at the annual meeting.

William O. Umiker Memorial Award

2018 William O. Umiker Memorial Award Recipient – Jim Cox

The William O. Umiker Memorial Award is given to a LAMA member in good standing who has demonstrated a commitment to the field of laboratory animal management education through contributions to LAMA’s publications, published articles, books and presentations at seminars and workshops.

Ron Orta Memorial Award

2019 Ron Orta Award Recipient – Erin Straley

In memory of Ron Orta, LAMA will present an annual award to an individual actively employed in lab animal vivarium operations, management or administration that presents a professional/managerial presentation at our LAMA/ATA Annual Meeting.