About the position
MSK's Research Animal Resource Center (RARC) is seeking a Manager, Logistics, Transport & Specialized Services to oversee the administrative and operational activities of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Animal Research Logistic and Specialized Services program. Responsibilities are performed to ensure efficient and effective operations, adherence to regulations and policies, and quality care for animals.

You Will:
Supervise the functions and activities of the Logistics, Transport & Specialized Services technicians (LTSS) responsible for animals received into and the transfer between all RARC facilities and the Gnotobiotics Core group caring for germ-free animals.
Supervise the Animal Care Technician, Lead who provides onsite oversight of all facilities, technicians and activities.
Lead the maintenance and care of specialized equipment, including individually ventilated cage racks, animal transfer stations, biosafety cabinets, and autoclaves.
Oversee the daily operations of all animal receiving in the RRL and ZRC (MSK) facilities and serve as a subject matter expert for the same at Weill Cornell Medicine, oversee bedding processing for the ZRC facility, and activities for the Gnotobiotic Core.
Participate in the development and implementation of written protocols (SOPs) for animal care, sanitation, environmental monitoring, and related activities. Ensure accurate animal housing/transfers of incoming animals to specific housing areas.
Responsible for accurate input of animal records via EnCCoMPass.
Responsible for the collection, verification, coordination, and assessment of gnotobiotics activity data related to autoclave function, daily sample collection, and verification of germ free status.
Coordinate special projects that affect multiple facility locations as assigned by the Associate Director.

You Have:
Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT) & Laboratory Animal Technologist LATG (within 6 months of hire).
Knowledge in the operation of a large animal resource facility and program, including facility operations, equipment function, specialty husbandry procedures, and staffing levels.
Digital literacy and ability to perform word processing, database entry, and construct and develop spreadsheets.
Excellent written and oral communication skills for interpersonal interactions.
Company Name
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK)

How to Apply: