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Health Monitoring Technician, ULAR Diagnostics Services

This position requires handling of live rodents (after IACUC-required training) and collection of fur, blood or tissue samples for analysis at the University of Pennsylvania or at an outside laboratory. This is essential to support animal-based research as the use of infected animals can compromise research results. Most infectious agents do not cause clinical disease in rodents so physical exams are not good indicators of disease. Penn investigators request shipment to and receipt of rodents from both domestic and international collaborators and we have to know the health status of all rodents shipped from and received by the University. Thus, the health monitoring program must provide accurate results.

• Collect blood, fur and tissue samples from sentinel rodents on the Penn campus
• Process blood and/or tissues for testing either in-house or at a contract diagnostic
• Perform serologic (ELISA, IFA) testing on serum samples to detect prior exposure to
high-risk viruses
• Ship serum/tissue samples or live animals to contract diagnostic laboratory
• Provide support in the Rodent Quarantine Facility

• High school diploma or GED required and Bachelor’s degree preferred. 1-2 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• 1 – year experience in a lab animal facility (animal care experience); or (2) AALAS certification at the ALAT level
• Knowledge of proper handling and restraint techniques of laboratory animals.
• Legible handwriting required
• Good organizational skills
• Effective oral and written communication with peers and supervisor
• Computer skills (Word & Excel required, PowerPoint desirable)
This job requires a great deal of walking, sometimes in inclement weather. There is a great deal of repetitive physical activity associated with this job. There is a great deal of bending and a moderate amount of lifting associated with this job. This job requires attention to small details.

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University of Pennsylvania

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