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The Manager of the laboratory animal core is responsible for a 25,000-foot, AALAC-accredited animal facility that provides quality animal care and husbandry services required to perform humane, responsible, and scientifically reproducible animal experiments. The facility includes species-specific, environmentally controlled animal rooms; fully equipped BSL2, quarantine, surgery, and necropsy suites; and a specialized animal diet kitchen for the preparation of custom experimental diets. Core staff offer a wide range of technical support including: specialized breeding; study diet preparation and feeding; monitoring and analysis of body weights, food intakes, and health status; body composition analysis; tissue and biological fluid sample collection; anesthesia support; necropsy support; and cognitive and behavioral testing.

The core manager is an experienced lab animal technologist who leads and fully participates in the day-to-day operations of the animal care program at the HNRCA. Working closely with the CBU’s attending veterinarian, s/he is responsible not only for ensuring animal care of the highest quality but also for the fiscal, regulatory, and physical plant operations of the animal research facility at the HNRCA. S/he works with HNRCA investigators on the planning, design, and execution of mission-related animal studies, leads a team of lab animal technicians in research animal husbandry, and collaborates with the HNRCA’s other scientific core units.

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