About the position
Major/Essential Functions:
This position will primarily support the LARC Cancer Animal Core Facility. This position provides technical expertise in veterinary nursing care, clinical observations, and/or surgical manipulations of research animals. This position will oversee the day-to-day identification, reporting, and communication of clinical cases in the LARC facilities under the guidance of the Institutional Veterinarian.

Assists in operating and maintaining the Cancer Animal Facility imaging equipment, including a microCT scanner, pathology slide scanner, IVIS, and others. Assists with operating and maintaining the LARC diagnostic laboratory for routine procedures including hematology and clinical chemistries.

Assist researchers on cancer protocols with animal related duties, including experimental design, animal identification, minor surgeries, post operative monitoring, administering medications and study compounds, routine data collections (body weights, body condition scores, blood, fluids), tissue collections for necropsy, tissue processing for pathology and molecular analysis, etc.

Maintaining proper medical and research records and creating reports to collate and demonstrate experimental results using common applications such as Word, Excel, and Access.

Assist with daily animal health checks by husbandry staff. Monitors health status of all animals and reports abnormal clinical findings to the Veterinarian and/or research staff as directed. initiates and monitors medical treatments of all animals as directed by the Veterinarian. Become familiar with commonly seen medical problems in laboratory animals and their treatments. Maintain all forms and methods of animal health and treatment identifications.

Assist with rodent health monitoring program as needed, including collect, preserve, and prepare blood, urine, stool, and tissue samples as needed for testing and shipment. Collect post-mortem specimens for evaluation and shipment as needed.

Assist with the surgical preparation area. Assist with anesthesia, surgical prep, and surgical procedures.

Preferred Qualifications:
Associates or Bachelors degree in Animal Science and/or formal Veterinary Technical training and at least 5 years experience in a Veterinary hospital.

Licensed Veterinary Technician with experience in an academic animal facility.

Knowledge of common laboratory animal species.

Knowledge of laboratory animal regulations.
Company Name
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

How to Apply: