About the position
This person is expected to be familiar with the day-to-day activities, personnel and issues within the facilities. We expect the Facility Manager to be forward thinking and create and assist in developing plans to enhance the learning abilities and performance of the staff working on this contract. The Facility Manager will assist the Project/Program Management in the efficient allocation of the budget and develop and maintain an effective relationship with the ODU staff.

1) Understands and follows all SOPs and Quality Assurance Standards. Aids in writing needed SOPs.

2) Responsible for assisting Project/Program Manager with operational management support.

3) Ensures that staff assigned to each position are trained and proficient with SOPs, policies and guidelines associated with their position. Expectation of familiarity with day-to-day activities, personnel needs and facility issues.

4) Must have experience working with multiple animal species. Ensures animals are cared for and maintained in accordance with Animal Welfare Regulations, U.S. Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

5) Must possess strong verbal communication, teaching skills and be knowledgeable of veterinary medical terminology and animal facility operations.

6) Maintain an effective level of communication with the Project/Program Manager.

7) Distributes reports as needed to SoBran staff, PI staff and institutional personnel.

8) Assists in developing and maintaining relationships with investigators, their staff, maintenance personnel and SoBran personnel in order to coordinate activities.

9) Assists in personnel matters in collaboration with supervisory staff to include, but not limited to annual reviews and disciplinary issues.

10) Assists as needed with interviewing and selection of SoBran personnel.

11) Responsible for ordering food and other supplies for the facility.

12) Must be able to lift a maximum of 50 lbs; bend, stoop, climb and stand for a prolonged period.

13) Create and maintain animal database in accordance to site expectations.

14) Prepare, process and approve orders for laboratory animals and supporting supplies.

15) Project, prepare, monitor and maintain department budget.

16) Distributes reports as needed to SoBran staff, PI staff and institutional staff.
Company Name
SoBran Inc

How to Apply:
https://bit.ly/34GmWNw or email mloyd@sobran-inc.com