About the position
This is the senior animal resource management position in University Research Animal Resources. It has been vacated due to retirement. Entails managing and providing oversight of all laboratory animal husbandry and vivarium operations for multiple animal facilities utilizing multiple diverse species across campus to ensure appropriate housing and optimal animal care in support of research. Work involves ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and implementing institutional policies and procedures.

Thorough knowledge of the modern principles, methods, practices and techniques of laboratory animal science and research animal facilities operational management involving animal husbandry, supervision, purchasing, regulatory compliance, and physical plant operations.

Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to animal research, vivarium operations and other contemporary practices related to animal care and use.

Ability to make decisions in accordance with administrative rules, regulations and policies.

Skilled in the effective personnel management, training, and supervision of employees.

Skilled at preparing and maintaining complex reports and documents for various sources.

Ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in all forms.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with research clients, colleagues and personnel.
Company Name
University of Georgia

How to Apply:
Please see position details and submit a resume/CV and cover letter on the UGA Jobs website at http://www.ugajobsearch.com/postings/174807

Contact: M.A. McCrackin, DVM, PhD, CMAR, CPIA
Diplomate, ACVS & ACLAM
Director, University Research Animal Resources
(706) 542-9710