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Join The Winning Team…Team SoBran – We are an industry leader in designing professional animal care programs, managing animal facilities, and providing high quality technical support for laboratory animal research projects. At SoBran, we care about people. SoBran's success hinges on our employees. We maintain a professional environment and ensure that our people have the tools and training to achieve; and opportunities for learning and advancement. Our employees' individual talents contribute to our success! We thank you for your interest in SoBran.

SoBran is seeking a Facility Manager (Herd Health Manager – proposed effort) to serve in Chazy, New York.

Responsibilities include:

*Determine staffing levels and task assignments required for daily operations, using alternate work schedules to cover the 7-day work week based on animal census, researcher/client requests, and breeding management to include fostering tasks.
*Direct animal movements, technical and caretaking staff, surgery schedule, necropsy and disposal.
*Manage the herd health program as directed by the veterinary staff.
*In conjunction with the customer and veterinary staff, manage the swine breeding program based on number of sows, farrowing rates, and average live births to meet animal number goals.
*Manage animal care activities ensuring work assignments are complete and performed according to the Animal Welfare and Animal Care and Use Guidelines.
*Maintain biosecurity and follow all customer and company SOPs and policies.
*Manage supply inventory and order as needed to meet the operational demands such as feed, bedding, PPE, medical, and equipment.
*QC the facility infrastructure and equipment, proactively reporting any issues for repair and requests for preventative maintenance.
*Develop, submit, and maintain centralized hard copy and computerized reports for animal census, breeding logs, husbandry logs, clinical records, supply inventories, experimental data, and all other contract deliverables.
*Coordinate animal shipments as directed by the customer.
*Onsite point of contact for the customer and SoBran’s program manager.
*Perform all other duties as assigned.


*Bachelor’s degree in animal science or equivalent preferred
*Certified by National AALAS as a Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) or equivalent experience.
*Must have experience in facility operations, project, and personnel management.
*Must have experience working with swine in a fa
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SoBran Inc.

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